Jidnyasa – which translated into English means “curiosity” – was formed to spread knowledge and awareness about the utility of psychology in our every day lives, so that maximum people could benefit from this relatively modern branch of science (Yes, Psychology is a branch of Science). We are a team of certified psychology professionals – a dynamic mix of clinical, counseling and industrial psychologists. We focus on assessment based counseling, therapy, training and academic guidance.

Psychology has gradually acquired an important place in the minds of people as a useful knowledge source. Its responsibility in guiding human action in different walks of life and in connection with different roles is being emphasized. Parents, educators, policy makers, managers, executives, administartors, all look to psychology to learn about the right kind of parenting, ways of motivating people, modes of effective training, reducing and managing stress, enhancing the quality of lifeand helping mentally troubled people.

We work with a mission to highlight the emancipating and developmental value of this field which many a times is stigmatized as only a last resort for the mentally ill